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Jay D, DC

Since working one on one with Dr. Dan and Apeiron Academy, I have been doing genomic consults with clients and it has added a level of value that is hard to describe. I believe the future of true health care is to understand your patient’s blueprint in order to properly plug them into the protocols for regaining and maximizing health. I highly recommend working with Apeiron to guide you through this new world!”

Jaime C

Apeiron Academy represents the future of coaching. I had no prior coaching experience other than working with friends and relatives because it was something that I was passionate about. After training with Apeiron, I was able to create a world class, cutting edge coaching business and establish myself as an expert in the field of precision wellness.


William S

Through the Epigenetic Coaching class at Apeiron Center, I was able to take my basic knowledge of biohacking to an advanced and more professional level. The coaching class taught me the skill set that I needed to take my clients from novice to optimal. This individualized approach to health and wellness is the next new frontier and Apeiron Center is leading the way!

Neal C, MD

I have had a terrific experience working with Dr. Dan Stickler and the Apeiron Academy in the field of genomics. The quest to understand heredity and its influences on our lives, personalities, and choices is groundbreaking. I plan to use this information to enhance my Anti-aging medical practice.

Upcoming Certifications
Incorporating Genetics & Epigenetics into your Practice
February 17 and 18, 2018
2-Day Live Austin, TX
Incorporating Genetics & Epigenetics into your Practice
May 5 and 6, 2018
2-Day Live Sedona, AZ
Epigenetic Human Potential Coaching

Are you ready to take your coaching to a new level?

Apeiron Academy educates and trains Epigenetic Human Potential Coaches in genomic precision wellness and human potential optimization.

Epigenetic Human Potential Coaching is the catalyst to consciously create a life lived limitlessly. Precision health and wellness is a rapidly growing niche market and is predicted to become an $88 Billion market by 2022.

Our coaches are positioned at the forefront of this new and exciting shift in the health paradigm.

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